We object because of the impact the high density housing would have on the surrounding area

  • Bishopbriggs traffic problems would worsen, particularly where the Meadowburn and Balmuildy areas connect to Kirkintilloch Road. 73% of people in the area commute by car, demonstrated by queues at rush hour (Scottish transport statistics 2015).
  • Commuter traffic would increase pollution levels on Kirkintilloch Road – already a pollution hotspot and an ‘air quality management area’, affecting the health of residents in the area and particularly children walking to school.
  • 4-storey blocks of flats and 3-storey townhouses could impact on your privacy and reduce sunlight into your home.
  • The minimal spacing between three-storey townhouses at the Cadder end of the site will create a wall of housing behind existing properties on Cander Rigg.
  • Loss of public greenspace, including the loss of a recreational space – the free football pitch.

Find the evidence for these grounds for objection.