Appeal granted, with no redress to concerns

We’re angry that the Scottish Government intends to allow the appeal after additional financial contributions to the Local Authority are confirmed.

We hear time and time again that ‘money talks’. This is unacceptable. We simply cannot allow our democratic society to be bullied by wealthy developers.

The reporter doesn’t appear to have taken all matters into consideration. There were 569 letters of objection from constituents; a refusal by East Dunbartonshire Council, on the basis of overdevelopment and the resulting impact on traffic and secondary school facilities; the Coal Authority repeatedly stated it is a high risk area and that CALA did not take into account important issues – and yet these were all disregarded by the Reporter.

It raises the question of what’s the point of having democracy and spending taxpayers’ money on planning policies and procedures when they’ll be overridden by the Scottish Government?

Planning democracy in Scotland is wrong and the issues need to be addressed swiftly before we lose more greenspace to over-development and negatively impact our established communities. Public trust needs to be improved and decisions should be kept local.

We’re pleased to have the support of the community, local councillors and several MSPs in this ongoing battle to save community greenspace and biodiversity from over-development.