CALA Appeal UPDATE: send responses by 12 Dec

As expected, CALA have appealed against the decision of local councillors not to back their proposals.

Everyone who sent in a letter of Objection should have been contacted by the Council with this information. Copies of the objection letters sent previously will be sent to the Government Reporter, who will be deciding on the format of the appeal.

HOWEVER further representations CAN ALSO be sent, as below; we understand these will be accepted up until 12 DECEMBER.

We want to ensure that our concerns about the impact of this development on wildlife, traffic, accidents and more get a fair hearing. CALA have not paid heed to the previous Government Reporter’s recommendations in 2011 for indicative housing of 35 (see image above), instead planning 60% more homes for that part of the site – so it’s up to us to appeal to this Government Reporter to ensure fair play.

Below is a link to a letter which you may wish to use as the basis for your communication (PDF and WORD). Make sure you use the reference number: PPA-200-2047. NB it would appear that some people’s emails or letters have gone astray: please check to ensure they’ve been received!

CALA appeal letter PDF

CALA appeal letter WORD

These can be adapted as you wish, and sent as follows (so long as it is by 12 December):

By email to: (and copy also to or posted in hard copy to DPEA at 4, The Courtyard, Callendar Business Park, Falkirk, FK1 1XR.

OR to Scottish Ministers, again by 12 December. A list of MSPs for our area, with their contact details, follow:

Rona Mackay, Scottish National Party

Regional MSPs West Scotland

Neil Bibby, Scottish Labour

Maurice Corry, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party

Mary Fee, Scottish Labour

Maurice Golden, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party

Jamie Greene, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party

Ross Greer, Scottish Green Party