Environmental Issues

We object because of the loss to the local environment

  • The Scottish Government Reporter said to develop only 50% of the former Cadder sewage works to allow for environmental constraints (2011). CALA Homes plans exceed 50% and have nearly 65% more homes.
  • The area of proposed development is a belt of natural beauty that is abundant with wildlife including protected species. It would create a ‘pinch point’ in the natural corridor for wildlife movement in the canal area (SNH 2002).
  • East Dunbartonshire Council’s new Local Biodiversity Action Plan says that brownfield sites can be a haven for wildlife, as such sites are not publicly accessible. There is evidence of protected species including otters, badgers and kingfishers in the area of the proposed development.
  • There is also evidence of Japanese Knotweed next to the site: this is difficult to eradicate and can impact on home owner’s ability to get mortgages.

See more of these grounds for objection.

Wildlife on the site

Cormorant spotted in October 2017, photo thanks to Gillian Monk.


Kingfisher spotted at the canal beside the proposed development, March 2017:
Photo courtesy of William Watson.

Otters have been spotted on the site, by the canal at the Hilton Terrace end:

The image above shows the location/date of the video; click below for link to video itself.