MSPs support the campaign

Save Bishopbriggs Canal Greenspace campaign has received the support of MSPs following a massive groundswell of protest against proposals to build a large number of homes on land beside the Forth and Clyde canal. The democracy of having a Planning Board in place has been undermined. The board unanimously rejected the plans and requested a planning hearing, and one person – the Scottish Government Reporter – was able to rule against them, deciding in favour of the developer.

Even the Glasgow Herald has noted how the planning process is undermining democracy. Save Bishopbriggs Canal Greenspace is calling on the Minister for Local Government and Housing, Kevin Stewart MSP, to get behind the local community and block the development.

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Glasgow Herald Feb 2018

MSP Ross Greer Jan 2018
MSP Rona Mackay Feb 2018

During the campaign, CALA’s planning proposals did change, reducing in number by just ONE HOUSE from 136 properties to 135. The concerns of residents about the designated wildlife corridor, the density of housing, the type of housing, and the wider impact on traffic and schools, were ignored. Among other concerns:

A 10 metre wildlife corridor isn’t very effective when adjacent to a development with a potential 400 people resident.
Traffic lights to ‘solve’ the problem of vehicles exiting via Meadowburn and Kirkintilloch Road are likely to worsen the commuter rat-run using Meadowburn as a short-cut towards Bishopbriggs Relief road and the M80.
3- and 4-storey blocks of flats are still proposed near an area with a mineshaft (with the coal board maintaining its objection in 3 separate consultations).

Coal board concerns Aug 2017 (reiterated for third time)

TIMELINE of the campaign: Click the images below for the related article (some print edition headlines differ from online versions).
In January 2017 when we first learned about the proposed planning application:

Bishopbriggs Herald Jan 2017

In March 2017 with Councillor Billy Hendry, when we were overwhelmed about the number of objections sent to the council to date:

Bishopbriggs Herald March 2017

In September 2017, on learning about the proposed traffic lights to ‘ease’ congestion and the fear they will worsen a commuter rat-run:

Kirkintilloch Herald Sept 2017

In September 2017 when the Planning Board unanimously rejected the application and called for a planning hearing:

Kirkintilloch Herald Sept 2017

And finally outcry as the Planning Board’s request for a planning hearing is ignored and CALA’s appeal is granted.  SCBG protesters are joined by Councillors Billy Hendry and Gary Pews:

Kirkintilloch Herald Feb 2018