19th September: Plans unanimously rejected!

At the Planning Board on 19th September, the council recommended that the council adopt the plans put forward by CALA housing for 135 homes on the Jellyhill site, north of Meadowburn, Bishopbriggs.

In their questions, Councillors noted the strength of public opinion against the proposals, and the large number of objections sent to the council. They also voiced concerns about the proposed ‘mitigation’ of the increased traffic through the residential area by adding traffic lights at the junction of Meadowburn and Kirkintilloch Road, noting that this might in fact encourage traffic from the main road to cut through Meadowburn en route to Balmore Road. It was also noted that the townhouses did not meet the council’s own guidelines with regard to garden size for the number of people living in the property.

Not one Councillor seconded the proposal to adopt the council’s proposal, saying that they had concerns about the scale and density of the development, the townhouses, and the traffic and road safety.

We would like to thank our Councillors for opposing these plans, and paying heed to the community’s ongoing concerns, giving another chance for these to be addressed. They have moved that there should be a public hearing if CALA appeal. We do expect CALA to appeal, so the fight is not over yet: we will keep you updated, on here, and on the Facebook page.

For now, we are hugely relieved that there is more time for this fight! And that, for now, we can still enjoy the Kingfishers along the canal (photo credit: William Watson).