Urgent plea for funds for Wildlife Survey.

The┬áPlanning Department at East Dunbartonshire Council have updated us that the planning application is not on the agenda for April’s planning committee hearing and it is likely now to be in June.

This means there is even more time to gain support and gather more evidence against this development.

As such we are making an urgent plea for funds to allow us to get the very important Wildlife Survey completed a.s.a.p.; we already have nearly enough so this is a final push for funds to get a reputable, independent wildlife survey completed.

CALA have had an ecological survey done but while some protected species were noted as being present on the site, the survey also declared that it was incomplete due to the vegetation being in full-growth at the time of the survey (late summer/early autumn). Wildlife surveys are meant to be carried out at different times of year because of the breeding seasons and activity of species, and SBCG are particularly keen to ensure that all wildlife on the site are noted, given people have seen otters there in the recent past.

If you can spare a couple of pounds or more, please, please donate via Pay pal.

Otter at canal