We need to SAVE Bishopbriggs Canal Greenspace

CALA Homes (West) has submitted a Planning Application to build 136 new homes including high buildings, between Meadowburn, Cander Rigg, Hilton Park, Hilton Terrace and the canal.

  • Recreational greenspace would be replaced with high buildings: 3-storey townhouses and 4-storey blocks of flats
  • Wildlife habitat would be lost forever, in an area with evidence of otters, badgers, kingfishers…
  • Loss of the free football pitch used by locals
  • Additional pressure on Bishopbriggs roads, schools and health services which are already struggling with demand

About the campaign

Save Bishopbriggs Canal Greenspace is a group of local residents who are leading objections to be submitted to East Dunbartonshire Council.